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Craina Consulting

Leaders in Cyber Security.

Not Followers



Many cyber security firms follow the business model of the pack:
being reactive instead of proactive.

At Craina Consulting we are not a member of that pack. We aim to pull people ahead of security risks; we cannot remove risks entirely, but we can minimize their presence.

We will teach you how to take matters into your own hands and be proactive in your cyber security. You don’t need to clean up your messes after-the-fact if you first learn how to avoid them.

Our Capabilities



Assessments begin with determining the scope of your organization’s needs. Planning up front will save time and money in the long run.



With a background in both industry and government environments, our team takes on a fit-for-purpose role, providing as little or as much support as needed.



Our team can train cybersecurity topics to both technical and non-technical employees. All our training is vetted by our in-house master educator, to assure any training materials are not only technically correct, but also follow proven methods of education.

Our Clients

We partner up and work with innovative companies
of all shapes and sizes